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HOA Services


The most effective and fiscally sound homeowner’s associations are those that stay engaged with and respond to both the individual and the collective. In our advisory role to associations, Premium Solutions Group believes that keeping members informed and actively involved in the organization is the best way to steadily increase the value of their shared investment.

Our extensive services offered to HOAs includes:

  • Board meeting agenda, scheduling, and notification
  • Coordination of minutes with board Secretary, follow-up distribution
  • Preparation of task lists and assignment of action items
  • Timely communication with owners concerning pressing building matters
  • Budget and Reserve Study presentation at annual meeting
  • Oversight of elections and voting forum
  • Yearly review of House Rules and CC&Rs
  • Oversight of building systems for code compliance and safety
  • Annual calendaring of reviews and certifications
  • Periodic maintenance of all common areas
  • Supervision of major repairs, improvements, and alterations, including obtaining bids and board approval
  • Reserve Study coordination for major projects
  • Dues collection, deposits and transfer of reserve funds
  • Monthly reconciliation of account ledgers
  • Payment of operating expenses
  • Monthly income and expense reports
  • Annual accounting coordinated with CPA
  • Year-end Financial Summary
  • Annual operating budget with recommendations for reserve funds

Our Four Principles of Success set us apart from the rest.

LEADERSHIP: Expert Guidance that helps you manage both the day-to-day operations and the long term objectives, creating plans and delivering them with skill and finesse.

PLANNING: Planning for current and future projects is one of Premium Solutions Group’s core skills. We work closely with the Board of Directors to manage short and long-term projects that fit your budget and your vision.

Communication between the Board of Directors, the Homeowners and the Management Team is paramount to a successful community.

Our team approach is what sets us apart. Our Certified Community Managers lead the way with a team of support to ensure the best service is provided to the community as a whole.

Discover the premium difference with Premium Solutions Group. Contact us for your initial consultation today.